Shoreyu - The Chisel Shrimp - 011

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Shoreyu - The Chisel Shrimp - 011

Postby devotedtoneurosis » Thu Jul 05, 2018 10:43 pm


Type: Relentless
Height: 3ft
Weight: 45lb
Life Expectancy: 20yr
Strength: Piercing Attacks

Shoreyu form large schools in the seas around Crown Island, making a fantastic and easily hunted food source for humans and Monsters alike.

Their sharp, bony skulls are useful for carving into their primary food source: salt and other mineral deposits. Their spiny bones and high mineral content make most of their body inedible to humans, however, their tails are highly sought after, producing very juicy and tender meat. Easily found in large numbers, they are a common food source for residents of Crown Island.

Shoreyu was overlooked by Tamers for many years, that is, until a dedicated Shoreyu fan discovered a unique trait! At very high levels Shoreyu learn attacks that can pierce even the most formidable defenses.

Will Shoreyu make your team?

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