Chuk - The Splinter Slash - 039

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Chuk - The Splinter Slash - 039

Postby devotedtoneurosis » Thu Sep 20, 2018 10:55 pm


Type: Brute
Height: 3ft 2in
Weight: 70lb
Life Expectancy: 60yr
Strength: Varied Slashes

Chuk is a large-toothed Monster that calls Undergrowth pass its home.

Using its teeth it strips the delicious bark from branches, then whittling them down into sharp poles which it attaches to the thick fur around its knuckles. These large, sharpened splinters make for very effective weapons, doing well for slashes, and spectacularly with stabbing attacks.

The end of their tails are shaped like lily-pads and float when submerged in water. Using the tail as a jumping-off point, Chuk can perform amazing feats in otherwise difficult positions. Highly trained Chuk can even jump off of their own tail mid-air, using it as a double-jump platform.

Will Chuk make your team?
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Re: Chuk - The Splinter Slash - 039

Postby Tyrax Lightning » Mon Sep 24, 2018 5:59 pm

Seems like an interesting dude... i'll give'em a consider! :D

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