Collure - The Child Facsimile - NN.008

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Collure - The Child Facsimile - NN.008

Postby devotedtoneurosis » Wed Mar 08, 2017 10:28 pm


Type: Unstable

Collures linger in forests and caves ever so quietly. When they sense a human presence, they use their magical tongues to create the form and sound of a child in distress, calling for help. Anyone reaching inside the their cave-like mouth to save the child will be quickly devoured.

As a Collure digests more victims their mimicry will improve, slowly learning the makeup and structure of a human form. A frequently heard myth on Crown Island is that if a Collure can live long enough, and consume enough victims it will one day leave the forest or cave - as a perfectly formed human child, blending into a nearby town, and consuming victims much more expertly.

There is of course, no proof.

Will Collure make your team?

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