Frigidile - The Terrible Croc - 065

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Frigidile - The Terrible Croc - 065

Postby devotedtoneurosis » Thu Nov 30, 2017 7:28 pm


Type: Will
Height: 6ft 7in
Weight: 545lb
Life Expectancy: 90 yr
Strength: Huge Bite

Frigidile are unique amongst their cold-blooded brethren. They have not only adapted, but learned to dominate in the harshest of frozen storms.

Their hardened hide stands strong against pelting hail and a thick mane insulates their necks from both the elements and other Frigidile. When pleased, they let out a bellowing roar that can sound like a low, inhuman laugh.

Frigidile take joy in cornering several small Canite and tossing them into its jaws, devouring them in a single mouthful. Getting lost in a Frobec storm and coming face to face with this beast is a fear of many. The beast's terrifying visage and dietary habits have earned this monster the moniker "Raptor of the East".

Will Frigidile make your team?

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