Monster Signature Sprites

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Monster Signature Sprites

Postby Avery_Goodname » Thu Jun 30, 2016 1:10 am

I know CostarZ has already made some, but I want to help out too, darnit!
If anyone wants it, I'll make a sprite for your monster so you can put it in your signature!

Just specify these things:

-What size do you want it to be? I can do an overworld size/type sprite with less detail, or a fully detail larger sprite.
-Do you want both an overworld sprite and a full detail sprite?
-How detailed do you want it to be? I can make a large detailed sprite, but remove the detail if anyone wants that.
-How many colors do you want on it? This is for if you want a sprite but want the normal Crowns color limit (4 colors including black/the outline), or no color limit.

That's about it. Just make sure you give me an image of the monster you want done.
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