Bifra - The Big Brother - 045

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Bifra - The Big Brother - 045

Postby devotedtoneurosis » Fri Jun 29, 2018 10:13 pm


Type: Will
Height: 7t 2in
Weight: 745lb
Life Expectancy: 80yr
Strength: Punishing Petals

Bifra is a large, flower-eating monster found commonly in the Flowering Province.

While they may appear flustered, Bifra show a quiet grace as they calmly graze in small groups. Unlike their shorter cousins, Lifra, their large size leaves them unable to sustain themselves on nectar and pollen alone, instead sucking in large quantities of flowers and chewing them into a sweet paste.

For unknown reasons they keep a watchful eye to the irritating Lifra. In the event that a Lifra agitates a large monster, Bifra will let out an exasperated sigh and quickly defend the smaller monster from the intimidating foe. Originally understood to be the adult form of Lifra, recent research has shown them to be two distinct monsters, leaving Bifra's overly-protective habits a mystery to researchers.

When poised for attack Bifra will suck in a large amount of air and lift its petals, almost budding around this monster's head. Bifra will then hold the breath for just a moment, before exhaling a thunderous trumpet of air, along with several large coconut-sized nuts from its snout, clobbering the foe.

Will Bifra make your team?

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